Sentiinel migrates to wider width rim profiles

Rim Width Compare.JPG
Sentiinel has recently decided to migrate it’s wheelset offering from 19mm to a 23mm width design, as well as adopting a basalt braking surface. In a nutshell, this width change is often pitched as an aerodynamic improvement. When the rim’s width more closely matches your tire’s width, the airflow around this system tends to be smoother than the light bulb shape of a wide tire and narrow rim. This all makes sense, however we particularly prefer the additional features, which are somewhat more logical:

A wider tyre creates a better forming tyre profile and increased air volume, and actually simulates much of the shape that a tubular exhibits. This is where we start paying attention to the hype, as tubular benefits in a clincher format are noteworthy.

Wider tyres enable lower air pressure and ultimately reduces pinch flats commonly associated with the clincher design. It also enables a softer ride with better cornering and responsiveness, much like tubulars. Of late, most pro pelotons have widely adopted the 23mm design for the lower riding pressure and softer ride experience. The one stage classics like Paris Roubaix have even seen as wide as 28mm.

Now to the basalt braking surface – primarily, it offers a higher degree of heat resistance than carbon, as well as lower levels of friction. Together these features prolong the lifespan of the rim and ensures you’ll be able to enjoy your Sentiinel wheelset for longer.

We are excited to now offer these enhancements to our market!

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